MK7 MQB Turbo Upgrade IP7160

USD $ 1999.99
CAD $ 2799.99

Finally! An affordable big turbo bolt-on upgrade for your Mk7 TSI engine!

It's never been more affordable to upgrade from a full stage2 to big turbo! Induct Performance IP7160 is a complete new replacement turbo for your car. It will works with any aftermarket or OEM downpipe, intakes and turbo inlet elbow. Coolant line, oil line, diverter valve and more are all bolt-on and work with your factory components!

The Induct Performance IP7160 use a lightweight billet aluminum 71mm compressor wheel for quick spool. On the turbine side, we use a TD06 60mm turbine with a stainless steel .53a/r housing. This give a quick spool, high heat retention and durability. Our turbo is able to support over 34psi of boost and more then 500hp with proper tuning and fueling.

Get your big turbo today from Induct Performance!

BT102 Forced Induction

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