Induct Performance

About Us

Founded in 2018, Induct Performance is a new name & venture run by dedicated performance Industry Experts, who have decades of expertise and experience. This experience is complemented by the use of cutting-edge 3D Imaging and scanning technology that results in hardware with a stellar performance, power and fitment that rivals that of the OEM.

Induct specializes in Performance parts for the moderns Audi and Volkswagen.

While there are many companies who offer parts for VAG type cars, we saw a need in the marketplace to provide High Quality, guaranteed performance parts with Value-Based Pricing. We call this "Affordable Without Compromise"!

Induct Performance was started with one Mission, to provide Performance parts that MATTER at a Value Pricing that allows all enthusiast to enjoy quality and high performance, shipped from our Northeast US and Canadian warehouses right to your door!

Our goal to provide you flawless shopping experience when interacting with Induct Performance and AVOID the "Sticker Shock" that is all too common when dealing with other existing suppliers. We have chosen to make your life easy & get the most from your money when you wish to improve the performance of your ride.

Induct Performance

The Induct Team

Affordable Without Compromise

At Induct Performance, it is all about offering the best value product for your Volkswagen and Audi car. We are enthusiasts first; we share the same passion as you for our cars. That mean we have it at heart to offer a quality product that will perform and last at the best possible price. We call it; "Affordable Without Compromise".

In order to pursue our mission and bring to the market High Quality Products at Value Pricing, we have establish a team with more then 25 years of combined experience dedicated to this community. Our various backgrounds and expertise have allowed us to develop quality products, efficient business processes and a unique customer approach. This unique sets of skills gives Induct Performance a leading edge that is passed along to you, the enthusiast.

David Dumas

Director of Operation

Passionate about building stuff, improving things and making things better! David has more then 12 years of experience within the VAG industry, 5 of which when he was Director of Operations for Unitronic. His knowledge and expertise has been put into developing Induct Performance products and establishing optimal business processes. He is the behind the scene guy that get things done!

Alex Crousset

Marketing Director

He is the visionary, an imaginative and creative guy. A former unitronic veteran, Alex has been handling creative content and marketing for more then 15 years. He has his own media agency and been serving businesses within the VAG industry for the last 10 years. His joining of the team has fed a new creative wave into Induct Performance. He is responsible to inspire this change in the industry Induct is bringing.

Derek Goldthorp

Sales Director

The cool guy, passionate about cars for half a century and a deal maker! Derek has been breaking barriers and establishing relationships for more then 40 years! He has been Sales Director at Unitronic for the past 3 years. His vast experience was put into creating those bridges required to serve effectively all enthusiasts. He gets the word out and takes care of you the right way no matter if you are a first time customer or a distributor!